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GROWMORE has diversified businesses across investment management of the family backing GROWMORE, asset management, offshore & onshore banking, clean energy, corporate and project finance, venture capital and alternative investments. The Group provides fund management, investments and financing solutions to drive wealth creation and create long-term value for its stakeholders.

Established in 2011, GROWMORE has offices in the iconic financial centers of the world - Dubai, London and Zurich.

Led by a team of expert professionals, GROWMORE brings a rich heritage in financial services throughout various sectors across key geographical regions.

Championing the digital era of the future, GROWMORE has developed and created one of the world’s first Healthcare Digital Currency. The group is active in the solar energy sphere, developing a 1GW PV manufacturing plant in India and the UAE.


  1. In my several years of experience, in the banking and financial services sector across global markets in various jurisdictions, I strongly believe that a financial institution’s growth and success is built on the confidence and trust it enjoys from its investors and stakeholders.

    Over the last few decades, I have seen several significant crises that tested the resolve and resources of all financial organizations. Amidst all these economic cycles, GROWMORE GROUP proved our resilience. Our continuous endeavor to focus on untapped growth segments and value creation led by our vision to be ‘the most trustworthy advisory and private equity management company in the world’ has set us apart.

    This ambitious vision is embedded in everything we do. Across all our operations, covering asset and wealth management to banking, clean energy, venture capital, corporate/project finance and real estate, our driving force is to create continuous value for all our clients irrespective of the shifting macro-economic variables or socio-political volatilities. We achieve this through our market research, by identifying new and rewarding opportunities and following rigorous risk management protocols.

    In GROWMORE Group, we are a team of experienced, well qualified Expert - Professionals and we all share the same vision. The Vision, of success, excellence and continuous growth of the GROWMORE Group and its stakeholders. We are targeting to provide the best results with the best possible way that will benefit both the GROWMORE Group and its stakeholders.

    We are at the forefront of the movement towards impact investing and digital transformation, having developed one of the world’s first digital healthcare currencies. The Group has a vision of long-term sustainability, such as clean energy, while continuing to build on our portfolio in strategic sectors including banking and healthcare.

    We are aiming to be a full-suite financial services conglomerate, we will continue to focus and work on shaping a future fit for a post Covid-19 world that will lead to even more success, wealth and growth. This will be underpinned by building long-term relationships, making strategic expansions and acquisitions, plus a robust diversification of our portfolio, all driven by our unwavering commitment to trust and integrity.

    Excellence is our purpose and this is how we Growmore as GROWMORE Group!

    Jim Rohn said: “To have more than you've got, become more than you are.” In GROWMORE GROUP, we always become more than we are, because we believe that this the way to success, the success of our stakeholders and of our Group.




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Risk Warning:

Please note all investments carry a degree of risk. Investments can go down as well as up; therefore, you may lose some or all of your initial capital invested. Before you decide to participate in any financial investment you should carefully consider your level of knowledge and experience with regards to products, in order to ensure that you understand the nature, the complexity and the level of risks involved. You should also consider and know your investment objectives, investment time horizon, attitude to risk and capacity to bear losses. Trading derivative products such as FX carries a high level of risk to your capital and you can lose more than your initial invested capital. You should not invest money you cannot afford to lose. Derivative products use leverage. The effect of leverage can cause small price movements to magnify both gains and losses. Investing may not be suitable for everyone, please seek independent professional financial advice if you do not understand the risks involved with regards to the products you wish to invest and/or trade.


Dear Customer, we are aware of an entity named “Growmore Holdings” that used and/or using our name and its FALSELY representing us and acts on our behalf. PLEASE NOTE that GROWMORE GROUP has no connection and/or agreement with this entity and in case you have been contacted by this entity you are kindly requested to notify us immediately at :

We are also advising all our Customers and/or Associates to be very careful with anyone claiming that is representing us and always to ask for relevant information and/or confirmation from them. Our target is to provide our customers with the best possible service and assist them to growmore wealth and prosperity with the best and safer way.