Art Wealth Management

Art (classic or modern) has increasingly become a major asset class for wealth managers. It can offer long term, stable returns to off-set portfolio risks. The art market is segmented into those that buy art for its intrinsic cultural and technical value and others for whom it is an investment. There are also others such as families and collectors who have had works of art in their possession for many years and who may need short term liquidity secured against that art.

Noting the different market needs, Growmore can offer the following products and services:

Loans against Art

Valuation required from Christies or Sotherby’s London
Borrowers Assets and Liabilities Statement
Banker’s Reference
Art Insurance
50% Loan to Value (LTV). We will consider higher LTV on a case-by-case basis
The art to be stored in safe keeping unless the borrower is an established art dealer
Interest rates between 0.75% to 3% per month depending on the borrower’s credit status
Loan amount – we are receptive to all transaction sizes. For larger borrowing, Growmore will syndicate with UK banks
Minimum loan period is 12 months with a revolving facility possible
Ethnic Art welcome – Arabic, Indian, African, Chinese et al

Art Investment

For clients who wish to raise equity to purchase art, we can arrange equity investment through private placement
We can also engineer corporate structures that enable third party equity to purchase the art
Pre-IPOs for those with a track record in art, who wish to establish a listing and need to raise pre-listing equity
‘Equity loans’ with a convertible option
Investment syndication
Each case is considered on its own merits

Risk Management

We have access to some of the UKs leading risk managers who can:

Undertake a risk assessment on the art
Provide the borrower with an objective credit report on their status before submission to a lending source
Introduce insurance products bespoke to the client’s needs
Support the movement of the art between locations
Bonded services
Projection of the art’s pricing and valuation.
Preservation of the art from both a technical, scientific and aesthetic perspective
VIP and family offices confidential assessment of the art before purchase
Legal and audit services
Public Relations services
Crisis Management in the event of the damage or loss of the work of art


Growmore partners with London and other European financiers for the funding and investment against precious resources such as jewelry, articles with proven antiquity, classic cars, watches, rare accessories such as luxury handbags, yachts, planes etc.

We welcome enquiries and will ensure you receive a bespoke, private and confidential service

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