Credit Takeover

What is a Credit Takeover ?

A takeover is most prominently observed when a company makes an offer to gain control of another company. Mostly this is done by purchasing a majority of shares of the target company. If the takeover goes through, the bidding company has full control over the organizations functions, operations, debt and its holdings. If the target company is a publically traded company, the acquiring company makes a pitch for all its outstanding shares as well.

A takeover usually goes smoothly as both the parties come to a mutual agreement over the same positive outcomes. However on the contrary, if one of the parties are not ready for the takeover, then the proceedings get tough. A takeover has resemblance with an acquisition, except that takeover has a negative undertone. A company acts like a bidder by raising its market share, which further helps in cutting down the cost and increasing the profits. Some companies have takeovers as they have a particular sway towards certain products or services. SMB companies with low financing options usually consider such propositions in order to improve the productivity and brand value by joining forces with considerably larger organizations. Also, other companies with a better credit score get a lower cost when their debt is refinanced.

What we need ?

GROWMORE GROUP is looking for better opportunities in the financial market as we understand the intricate details that lie deep inside business. We believe that a company is never out of date and with the right financing and direction any business has the prospect to flourish by itself and if not as a separate entity then by joining hands with us.

What you as a client need to give us in order for us to improve your business:

Assimilation documents or the company registration papers.
Tell us about yourself; a write up of what the role of the firm in the market in terms of activities, services and brand image.
Your financial position will be the stepping stone for a long and fruitful relation with our firm. By providing complete financial statements (Audited) we will be able to assess the situation better and will know how better can we you.
A copy of your company profile.

Tell us about your Debt Plan, in terms of the ongoing debts and loans the company is liable to pay. We at GROWMORE group believe in transparency between us and our business partner/clientele. Also your estimated financial targets and how do you plan on achieving them if not surpassing them. We need to know about your company’s mortgage situation and the assets and securities that the company owns as well. This will help us in evaluating your business.

Complete information about the proprietors of the company should also be filed and provided containing the contact details of the owners, copy of the trade license and other relevant certificates, address proof of the proprietors i.e. ID cards, driving licenses, passports.

We would also need to delve into the financials of your firm to devise a suitable strategy for your business wherein we would require balance sheets with activities of at least the last two financial years, bank statements for the last six months and relevant document pertaining to present/future finances in terms of the loan tenure.

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