Trade & Commodities funding

What is Trade & Commodities funding ?

In order for the goods to be shipped and exporter requires an importer to prepay for the shipment beforehand. Usually the importers want to reduce the risk associated with the shipment, they may ask the exporter to provide proper documentation beforehand.

The bank associated with the importer helps in providing a Letter of Credit to the exporter. The exporter’s bank may grant a loan based on the export contract to the exporter. Financial institutions associated with such nature of business only entertain documents of these transaction and the actual goods, services that are being mentioned in the paperwork.

Trade finance is a very useful practice that assists in resolving in conflicts crated during the tenure of the transaction. Exporters need to lessen the risks related to the payments from the importers and it works in their benefit to speed up the process. Whereas the exporter needs to lower the risk in supply and it works in their benefit to get extended credit. Trade finance acts as an arbitrator between the two parties to remove the risk associated towards payment and supply. They assist in increasing the receivables with the exporter and getting unmitigated credit to the importer.

How can we help?

Our financial analyst will help you by offering you cash flow solutions for any and all businesses plus Invoice finance, Debt Factoring from our leading team of financial experts, lending based on the company’s asset. With several years of experience, we adhere to all the rules and laws under the GCC region and always strive to provide our clientele with exceptional customer service.

What documents you need to render?

In order to properly facilitate and provide suitable services to our clients for the all above mentioned services we require; company registration papers, personal profile which is a write up of what role will the firm play in the market with regards to its services, activities and brand image. We will also need the financial position as it is going to act as a reference point for our analysts who will devise the best suited services for your business. They include complete financial statements (audited) for the last six months, company profile and balance sheet of the company and its associate businesses for the last two years.

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