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November 11, 2020
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November 11, 2020

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I could probably go on for hours how much I love this game, but I’ll not subject you to that in this video – Regardless, it’s just amazing and an ever popular part of the system’s software library. Yoshi’s Island and Super Metroid almost but didn’t make this list. Growing up I had a NES, Genesis, Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Needless to say, I totally missed out on the SNES and the majority of its games. I’ve looked at "best SNES games" lists, but they tend to vary and I can’t play everything so I’m hoping some ERA members will be able to shine light on some gems less mentioned.

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Top 10 Of The Most Awesome SNES Games

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I already know to play Super Mario World, A Link to The Past and Super Metroid. Underneath it’s super cute exterior though, Tetris Attack is an intense puzzler.

  • Virtua Tennis revolutionised tennis games in part through thumbing its nose to realism.
  • Still, a hugely ramped up year-based World Tour mode afforded a considerable amount of depth to anyone who wanted to spend a lot of time with the slightly less zombie-like roster of players.
  • In a sense, Super Tennis for the SNES initially resembled the last of those; but it soon became clear during play that if this game wasn’t made by Nintendo you’d be forgiven for thinking it a kind of proto-Virtua Tennis.
  • New controls enabled you to slice, and new characters enabled you to do so as a woman, but play was significantly harder from the off.
  • You get plenty of shot types, arcade-oriented rallies, a touch of speech and even players desperately diving to make returns.

I am quite surprised however nobody has Secret of Mana in their top ten lists. Then again we could all probably make a top 50 list easily for snes.

Yet I don’t think I’ve ever seen him mention the game. At number 6 is quite frankly MSX 2 ROM games of my most favourite games of all time, Super Mario World.

Knowing the types of games that he likes, it would be hard to imagine him not loving EB. It’s all about charm and playing on your memories of being a child.

I’m sure there are games out there that I never got a chance to play, it was quite rare I got to buy new games but I’ll list what I think is a good list for my favorite SNES games. Link to the Past a very predictable number 1, but well deserved. I could’ve guessed most of the games on this list just by having watched all your videos, and that’s just good. Its hard to get only 10 since snes had so many top games. I only really played games I owned, though, and I never owned a crazy amount of games.

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