Positioned in the iconic financial centers of the world, we provide an expansive complement of investment, wealth management, and financing solutions to grow our clients’ wealth and ensure prosperity.

The London office of Growmore, typically arranges and introduces investment deals and products to its clients.
Growmore advises family offices from a corporate and commercial point of view to structure their wealth more efficiently in order to generate stable returns and identify forseeable risks to their wealth.
Ambitious entrepreneurs rely on our expertise, experience, and networks to develop and grow their businesses. To provide immediate support, we offer personalised, novel solutions and advise on working capital benchmarking exercises to analyse performance and identify improvement opportunities. Moreover, we perform diagnostic reviews to proffer positive prospects for our clients’ working capital.
Growmore primarily focuses on advising family offices with respect to their private equity transactions, venture capital projects, corporate finance as well as arranging for club deals, by way of providing
  • Market research
  • Conducting due diligence (involving professional third parties where required);
  • Business valuation
  • Facilitation of new business integration; and
  • Policies/process alignment strategy.
Growmore also focuses on mediating mergers, negotiating deals, analysing corporate financials of a target company; assessing a deal’s value, analyse cost savings and find avenues to finance the transaction by introducing the relevant commercial counterparties.
GROWMORE GROUP works with distinctive art owners and investors for arranging art investments, and risk management with respect to art.