Import & Export

What is Import & Export?

Goods are produced in countries where in the recital and safety requisites of the country or region being imported to at times can be misunderstood. These requirements are in place to ensure the safety of the consumers in the importing country. Products that are unsafe and untrustworthy may cause injury, damage or death affect costs adversely, resulting harm to the brands identity. Companies need to adhere to all the country requirements in order to avoid unlawful practices. If not kept into consideration, companies may be asked to pay penalties or it may take a longer time in the clearance of the goods or even return of the shipment.

What we need ?

We at GROWMORE believe in giving customized solutions pertaining to the exact requirements of our clients. In order for us to serve you better, we would like to provide us with the company profile of your organization, address and location proof of the company and its establishments along with nature of your business and activities that company is engaged with.

We will also require documents associated with your company/business. contact details of the owners, company documents i.e. trade license, office address proof, documents relating to the owners of the company i.e Emirates ID, contracts relating to sale and purchase invoices.

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