Corporate Debt

"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading."
- Lao Tzu

What is corporate debt ?

At GROWMORE, our advisors relay advice to developers and investors from all asset classes for debt finance for their projects that they are concerned with. We deal with the management of diligence and debt arrangement which further improves the timeline of the client. Through a structured approach our team of advisors create competitive liability on the competitors of our clients. Making sure our clientele has the most refined terms for their business with regards to pricing and flexibility.

GROWMORE’s corporate debt strategies primarily focus in the sub investment grade debt of companies in and outside the GCC region. Our approach focuses on debt instruments. Our debt strategy lays emphasis on various aspects of corporate debt. The focal point of our credit tools include but are not limited to:

Leveraged Loans
Mezzanine and private debts
High yielding bonds

Even through the investment and & risk return profile may vary. Our team focuses on strategies that are profiled based on GROWMORE’s unified investment viewpoint.

What we offer ?

We offer competitive rate yearly, which is better than any of our competitors, release of payments in 90 business days from the time of application. We believe that a relationship is a mutual understanding between our firm and our clients and we push towards long and fruitful associations, a period of 10 years is mandate when commencing a fresh contract. Every offer we make is valid till the first 15 days of it being issued.

We at GROWMORE do not entertain intrusion by outside parties on a day-to-day basis while working on the requirements put forward by our clientele. GROWMORE group provides contractual securities to its clienteles; we have a pre-payment penalty charge policy in our contracts and assure you that there are no hidden costs under any circumstance.

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