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Governments, economists and financiers are increasingly realising that society needs to change the manner and way it perceives and manages social wealth. There is more ‘wealth’ in the social sector than in the private sector but sadly in many frontier and emerging economies it has not been managed rationally. This can include land, community art, intellectual property created by the state for its people, roads, bridges, telecoms, healthcare, education, agriculture;

Q. How does a government or a public asset manager ensure they generate ‘social returns on capital’ that can benefit its stakeholders?

Growmore can support pension funds, insurance companies, government treasury departments, bankers, trade unions, universities etc to structure their wealth more efficiently, generate stable returns and identify foreseeable risks to the wealth of a community. Our services include:

Treasury Services

Growmore is assisting governments in emerging markets to develop wealth management products that can value the assets, maximise social returns and give treasury departments more control to raise tax income. Many governments have been held back from generating revenues to pay for its public sector due to a lack of knowledge and skill in managing physical resources, land and financial assets. Growmore brings a range of strategies specific to the country’s policies and plans

Social Funds

We assist governments to create structured Social Funds specific to a town, city or community enabling micro-finance and blended finance products to be created to generate employment, SME incubation and communities to develop its local assets e.g. housing, clean water, energy et al.

Supporting Pension and Life Funds

Some European pension and life funds are keen to invest directly into social infrastructure in emerging markets but have been concerned over the risks (for example, into affordable housing or waste-to-energy projects). Growmore acts as a bridge to ensure that the identified risks are reduced via financial engineering. This enables the pension and life funds to deploy long term stable finance to emerging markets.

Sovereign Offices

Growmore can assist frontier countries to establish their own ‘Sovereign Offices’ or ‘Sovereign Funds’ to enable the wealth of a nation to be developed. We can provide a full ‘white lable’ service and manage the Asset Management from our offices in London or UAE. This can enable frontier and emerging markets have a presence in premier markets to raise funds, assist their public sector growth etc.

EPC Finance for Major Infrastructure Projects

Growmore retains strong relations with some of the UKs leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) companies who can develop townships, ports, roads, healthcare, education campuses etc. For viable national projects, EPC finance can be arranged for governments or local public sector organisations from London. Currently, Growmore is supporting the development and financing of healthcare cities across Africa by UK NHS bodies, UK medical schools and UK construction.

We welcome governments contacting us to discuss their requirements and how we may develop new, fresh and innovative financing solutions for the wealth of a nation, its businesses and its people.

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