Franchise Finance

Franchising and Licencing are key sectors of most western economies and increasingly so for emerging markets. In the UK alone, over 500,000 people are employed in franchising. In the USA, it is estimated that maybe one third of the economy is dependant on franchising and licencing.

Growmore are able to offer the following services:

Services to Master Franchisors

These include:

Assistance on raising debt/project finance for brand acquisitions
Funding for organic expansion of existing brands
Private equity raise
Mezzanine finance raise
Master Franchise Strategy development
Market Entry planning to access new markets and source franchisees
Advise on the maximisation of brand valuation

Services to Private Equity & Fund Managers

Identification of brands to purchase
Co-financing merger and acquisitions of existing brands or portfolios held by Master Franchisors
Assisting on PE Franchise Fund structures
Advising Fund Managers on the investment strategies for different brands and geographies

Services to New Brands and Idea Developers

Growmore recognises that there are entrepreneurs with new concepts and ideas that need to be commercialised into brands and franchises/licenses. Growmore provides a ‘single point service’ for such entrepreneurs from ideation to concept design through to commercialisation with funding.


This service is to assist graduates in UK universities and colleges to enter into franchising in a low risk and structured way . This involves supporting graduates to club together into new companies, bringing suitable franchise brands, fund raising for such new franchisees and franchise development. We welcome enquiries from UK universities.

Emerging Markets

We also welcome enquiries from Africa, Asia, MENA and Latin America from established and innovative franchise brands who wish to expand into Europe and North America
In addition, we are receptive to enquiries from emerging market investors who are interested in securing established European and North American brands by way of Master Franchise rights

Please contact for further enquiries.

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