Women Entrepreneurs Club

Les Femmes de Mayfair: The Growmore Women Entrepreneurs Club


Les Femmes de Mayfair is a new network focusing on bringing together women from the professions on a regular basis to share business ideas, knowledge, opportunities as well as creativity and knowledge enhancement.


The intended objectives include:

Identifying investments and funding opportunities
Developing and nurturing next generation women entrepreneurs and female mentorship
Scoping viable business ventures, prospects and future opportunities
Discussing the developments of a Wealth Funds for female entrepreneurs
Encouraging and supporting women-centric business start-ups
Whilst based in London, the network is open to ladies from across the globe via e-platforms

The Audience

This network is open to female Wealth Managers, Lawyers, Accountants, Auditors, Bankers, Economists, Business owners, Insurers, Advisers, Diplomats, new Graduates et al.

Attendees from Mayfair, The City, Docklands and across Greater London are warmly invited.


  1. Brexit Women and Trade- The role of the female entrepreneur in promoting brand UK across the globe and attracting business into the UK
  2. Raising Finance- the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs; the prospects for Wealth Funds supporting female managed businesses
  3. Family Offices- the benefits and challenges of establishing, growing and managing a family office
  4. Women & Power – The keys to success
  5. Wealth Management – The role of Art , Classic Cars and Precious Resources
  6. Knowledge Transposition - keeping ahead of the competition
  7. Opportunities GCC and MENA
  8. Opportunities India & SAARC
  9. Opportunities African Union
  10. Opportunities ASEAN and APEC
  11. Opportunities South & Central America
  12. Opportunities European Union

Each Event has a Guest Speaker who will share their experience, track-record and knowledge.

Format and Venue

The meetings will be:

held on the last Friday of each month in the afternoon
For two hours beginning with a 10 minute introduction by the Chair; followed by the Speaker; Q & A Session; AOB
Canapes and beverages
At Growmore Offices in Mayfair London
Future events in Dubai, Zurich etc

The Founder and Chair

The Club was conceived and developed by Jasmine Singh, Wealth Adviser at Growmore Group London. Jasmine identified the need for a regular forum for female entrepreneurs to network, discuss and share best practices. The Club is a small, exclusive gathering rather than a ‘Member’s Club’. Flexible, focused and friendly in its approach, to encourage and nurture female talent.

By Invitation Only

We welcome your brief Personal Profile and expression of interest to participate in the Club.

Please contact jasmine@growmoregroup.co.uk

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