Chairman's Message

From my several years of experience in the banking and financial services sector across global markets in various jurisdictions, I strongly believe that a financial institution’s growth and success is built on the confidence and trust it enjoys with its investors and stakeholders.

Over the last few decades, I have seen several significant crises that tested the resolve and resources of all financial organizations. Amidst all these economic cycles, we proved our resilience. Our continuous endeavor to focus on untapped growth segments and value creation led byour vision to be ‘the most trustworthy advisory and private equity management company in the world,’ has set us apart.

This ambitious vision is embedded in everything we do. Across all our operations, covering asset and wealth management to banking, clean energy, venture capital, corporate/project finance and real estate, our driving force is to create continuous value for all our clients irrespective of the shifting macro-economic variables or socio-political volatilities.

We achieve this through our market research, by identifying new and rewarding opportunities and following rigorous risk management protocols. In this, the Group benefits from the experience of our expert team of professionals, who havean in-depth understanding of the industry.

We are at the forefront of the movement towards impact investing and digital transformation, having developed one of the world’s first digital healthcare currencies. The Group has a vision of long-term sustainability, such as clean energy, while continuing to build on our portfolio in strategic sectors including banking and healthcare.

With our goal to be a full-suite financial services conglomerate, we will continue to focus on shaping a future fit for a post Covid-19 world. This will be underpinned by building long-term relationships, making strategic expansions and acquisitions, plus a robust diversification of our portfolio, all driven by our unwavering commitment to trust, integrity and corporate purpose.

Nitin Shelke


Growmore Group