Bridge Funding

Growmore has established a Bridge Funding Services Division. We are entrepreneurial and will consider each case on its merits.

Lending to established Bridge Lenders

Growmore positions itself as a ‘lender-to-lenders’ to those UK bridge financiers who need additional lines of credit. Growmore is a ‘junior’ market lender only.

This service is only available to UK lenders
Valuation required from a UK RICS surveyor and valuer
Borrowers Assets and Liabilities Statement
Banker’s Reference
50% Loan to Value (LTV). We will consider higher LTV on a case-by-case basis
Interest rates between 0.75% to 3% per month depending on the borrower’s credit status
Loan amount – we are receptive to all transaction sizes. For larger borrowing, Growmore will syndicate with UK banks
Minimum loan period is 12 months with a revolving facility possible
Loans for freehold or long lease land or property transactions

Bridge Structures

We are receptive to creating bespoke structures for established lenders. These structures can be in the form of a listed or private fund, long term fixed income bonds, mezzanine funding etc.
We are also open to supporting bridge funders who aim to raise non-UK funding for their established clients who have verifiable assets RICS valuations.


Growmore is not a developer. However, we retain long standing relations with developers, master planners, architects, designers et al, who can support projects. This enables Growmore to offer a bespoke, holistic and ‘one stop’ service.

Property Portfolio

Growmore will assist clients identify, structure, finance and manage real estate portfolios they wish to create. We bring the UK’s leading surveyors, valuers and property managers. We can assist with UK specific and European portfolios, to buy residential, student accommodation, hotels, health, commercial et al.

We welcome enquiries and will ensure you receive a bespoke, private and confidential services.

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