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You don’t get that feeling of panic when you’re running headfirst into a wall or when the rest of the traffic brakes and turns while you just go straight off the wet pavement. There is some feedback in the triggers used for gas and brake. When you floor it, they vibrate, and when the brakes lock up, they do the same.


When DiRT Rally arrived in 2016, it did so with a new game engine under the skin and a back-to-basics approach with the gameplay. Instead of chasing a mainstream audience with gameplay that involved a lot of different challenges, this was just hardcore rallying on stages around the world used by the World Rally Championship.

  • Featured in this game is an all-new Gymkhana event where players can test their car’s control by pushing it to the very limit through drifting, jumping and spin-drying their way to stardom.
  • This is a racing game that provides you with heart-pumping, electrifying action, with twenty cars racing to cross the finish line first.
  • Catch in on all the action by partaking in the ultimate racing experience with Blur.
  • This game features defensive shields, the ability for players to blast their opponent’s cars out of the way, nitro speed boosts and landmines that create destruction that is significantly realistic.

I’m going to re-review this game in a few weeks with a new Thrustmaster wheel in hand. Anyway, playing with the regular controller, it turns out, is not the end of the world. In Burnout, racing is battling, so you’d be best off not just overtaking your rival but causing them to crash, too.

Of GT Sport’s three modes – ‘arcade’, ‘campaign’ and ‘sport’ – it’s online racing where GT has its focus. The numbers associated with eSports – competitive online gaming – are astronomical. Last year, eSports were played by one billion people, 292 million people watched it and revenue reached £350 million. He thought to himself ‘Whoops, I’ve got a lot of money’, as Blur might put it, and began collecting sports cars and supercars.

There was Pikes Peak, that terrifying ribbon of road in Colorado that runs up above 14,000 feet. The last time I remember Pikes Peak being in a video game was in Gran Turismo 2.

Yes, you need an internet connection to make most of the game function. Honestly, it’s not that bad because this game is all about online racing.

And back then, it was all dirt to the top, but by 2013 it had been entirely paved. Helpfully , DiRT gave you the option of running it completely paved, partially paved , or completely on dirt. Paul Coleman, the game’s head designer, rallies an Impreza quite like this one in real life.

The most satisfying way to do this was to nudge them – tactically – as you overtook them. The rival car would pass out of view behind you, and then a pause. And then the camera would dance back to show your rival impaling themselves on something, your nudge having directed them into a bollard or a divider or another rival. Don’t expect to jump straight into the fast prototypes and be good—unless you’re a professional racing driver. There are some wonderful cars in CARS 2, like this Jaguar XJ220S.

It made all of the cars I drove feel way livelier than they should, but it does add a bit to the fun factor, drifting turns and such, if not the learning factor. I don’t have a compatible wheel controller for “Forza,” which left me playing with a regular controller like some damn amateur.

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